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In 2002 we have emigrated with our 4 dogs from Holland to Spain,and here in this beautiful country we have started our hobby. The hobby has turned into a passion,and now we can bow on more than 15 years of experience with this marvelous breed of dogs. The first dog we had as we lived in Spain is our BAILA. This marvelous creature is the first White Swiss Shepherd Dog ever,that has obtained officially the Tile: CAMPEÓN EN ESPAÑADE BELLEZA EN RSCE(FCI). We are such fans of this breed of dogs,some say "fanatics",that in June 2008 we together with other White Swiss Shepherd owners have formed the CLUB ESPAÑOL DEL BERGER BLANC SUISSE (PASTOR BLANCO SUIZO).(CEBBS) In a club we seek sincereness when the clubs says they want to improve the breed.Our dogs that we use for breeding have ALL been FULLY officially according to FCI norms been controlled on hips (HD) and elbows(ED).and MDR1.


We have a strong preference  for the short coated version of the BBS. It is a fact that more than 90% of all the BBS in Spain and Portugal are long coated,but we like the short coated better. It is easier to see the muscles,and line of the body, and the maintenance of the coat is from a short coated version is much easier than with a long coat. On the other hand in shows it is more difficult to win with short coated version. If there are irregularities in the angles of the body.you will see it immediatly.Much easier noticeable than with a long coated version. After our short coated dogs we have got our first long coated dog that we have named HIPPY.

Our dogs that we take to the expositions are doing more than just Very Well.



Our pups can be used for almost every discipline. You have to see a pup from ours as a rough diamond....what comes out of it depends on the education you give it.Bad dogs are not born.They are made like that by their owners. We try to breed a healthy good charactered vigilant family dog.One that will protect his family,and that you can take to shows,and use for work and sport.We have a strong preference to have our pups to people who do something with them.With our pups comes a pup contract in where we obligate the new owner of such a precious pup to live up to some restrictions. Such as:  Our pups have to been taken to a puppy class from the age from 4 to 8 months,and under no circumstances it will be allowed to start breeding with a Conquistadores female under the age of 24 months. If you are interested in a the best quality pup from parents that are healthy and all have been fully controlled and you are willing to sign our pup contract,than get in contact with us. We try to breed for our hobby quality instead of quantity. We are just responsible people with lots of experience who really are trying to improve the high level quality in our breed and in Spain in general


White Swiss Shepherd dogs


Family breeder  - E-mail : info@pastor-blanco-suizo.com - Telephone : 0034 - 693727908 / 0034 - 693723096

Home of the first Spanish Champion at RSCE ( FCI )  Castellon Spain.

Home of the Champion of Gibraltar.

Topbreeder of Ireland 2012.

Specialized in short coat White Swiss Shepherd dogs

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