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Character and Behaviour  




The standard of breed defined the aim for use as :

UTILIZATION : Family and working companion dog with distinctive friendly nature to children; attentive watchdog, cheerful and quick to learn

FCI-Standard N° 347 / 18.12.2002 / GB.


(Weisser Schweizer Schäferhund)

© tekst: Ruut Tilstra


The White Shepherd is from early days known as a Shepherd dog. A dog which was used to watch over the cattle. To do this work proper the dog needed to have the wright character. In the American and the Canadian breeding standards these characteristics are written as follows : 

"The White Shepherd has a striking individuality; marked by self-confidence, unafraid yet without animosity. It is a balanced dog; when necessary watchfully and alert. Its congenital construction for charges of the herd is completed with its compulsion to protect its boss and the house. In its relation to people he is reserved to strangers, however without fear. He is full of dignity and willing to work in all circumstances. These qualities of its general appearance makes the White Shepherd extraordinarily suitable as a cattle watch dog, a pet, a blind people conducting dog, or a service dog".

Now a days the White Swiss Shepherd is been especially used as a house dog, it is an extremely discreet and friendly for children an a pleasant  family dog, and affectionately of nature. He is unconditionally faithful to the family, but slightly distant to strangers. It is a dog full of spirit, obediently and able to adapt in every situation.  Timidly and/or fear is not the natural character of this dog

Character and Behaviour

The White Swiss Shepherd is an extremely good working dog also. In the history there were a lot of famous dogs in any way of working class. The inquisitive character, his high intelligently, the big will to please and the absolute faith towards his owner, or trainer, that this race has got by nature, with also the endurance and athletic body makes him a kind and good worker.

Famous working dogs :

The list of famous dogs which have proved their services in the past and the present is long. Actually they all deserve a place in these `Hall or Fame', but that is not possible. However, I want to discus some dogs from this list, which come from all over of the world.

Dogs in the film industry :


The most famous film dog from the years 1958-1960 is "Harvey Bindle Offner". Harvey has acted in more than 184 movies and different TV shows. Also his son, the already just as famous "White Shadow Crider" acted in a lot of movies, for example "Fangs of the Artic" is just one of the 168 movies with this dog. His owner is the movie star, breeder and trainer Dorothy Crider.

In the sixties the White Shepherds "Happy" and "Smiley" could be watched on television every morning, in the "Jack´s Show", a famous fitness show with Jack and Elaine La Lanne.

In the year 1971 the White Shepherd "Pax" wins the "American Humane Association´s Performance Animal Star of the Year Award" (PATSY) with his acting in the range about a blind private detective, named "Longstreet", with James Franciscus as Star player.

"White Dog" (1982)  is probably the most well-known movie in which the white shepherd plays a head role. Several dogs were used to complete the film successfully, but it is "Baron Hans von Criston" which by its contribution to this film gains his certificate "Schutzhund".

The rescue dog "Panda" is the most famous of all. Trainer Beth Barcley starts working with Panda for SAR (Search and Rescue) in the eighties. In 1986, they are transmitted to the terrible earthquake in San Salvador and in 1989, to the earthquake in Armenia, which has cost the life's to thousands of people. Panda has worked her whole life 11 years, as a rescue dog, she really was a fabulous White Shepherd. While Panda is becoming older, Beth trains more different dogs, like Sirius and Czar (Hoofprint Pancho x Sunlits Seika). Because of a blessure Sirius will go with pension rather early, but later he becomes a therapy dog. Czar is excellent in finding bodies, but also as a rescue dog. He is among others used at the bomb attack in Oklahama. The moment I this writes this, September 2001, after the attack on AmericanWorldTradeCenter and the Pentagon, (an attack which the world will not forget soon, and that has required a lot of thousands of dead's). Is Beth together with her dog Fearghas on the heaps of rubble of the Pentagon, to search for survivors and unfortunately also to search the many dead´s to mounts their bodies.

Also Bev Davison has proved herself with her dog "Spirit Wind´s Wee Willy". Willie became his certificate for the Northstar K-9 SAR team.

"Zeuss Magical Fantasy" has had a glorious career as a rescue dog together with his trainer Anthony G Yarde (1999) and Hoofprint Fhantom Thor (1996) is the most fantastic rescue dog at the fire department of Fair Oaks, his trainer was Blair Miller.

The last dog from this file is : Juels’s Thief of Hearts; has been certificated in 2000 and became a member of the "Liberty Canine Response Team" from New Yersey.

In the year 1985 also Europe is starting to work with the rescue dogs. The first Dutch White Shepherd that is helping to start the rescue program, is "Kimberly" with her trainer Ruut Tilstra. Kimberly has an extremely fine nose and has been for many years, actively involved with the rescue work in the Netherlands. her doughter "Rebecca of Kimberly´s Pride" is still active working in Holland and in foreign countries as a rescue dog, and she has already al lot of actions in her name.


In Germany we have now "Uriah vom Werntal" with his trainer Marco Höhn.

And in Austria and Switzerland, there are several White Shepherds, that are functioning excellent as avalanche rescue dogs. More often the White Shepherds are deployed by the tracing of missed people

Blind persons guard dogs :

Of all tasks which the White Shepherd carries out, the work as a blind guard dog is his best work. Because of his friendly and helpful nature can he for fill this work as no other. As from the very first beginning years of the White Shepherds, he has been trained very successfully for this (See chapter History). Even that the White Shepherd not has been recognized for his capacities in the early years of his come back in Europe, is also this changed now, and more and more training's centers use the White Shepherds now gratefully for this goal. 

Some famous dogs :

In Germany lives : Hoofprint White Dream (1994). This dog is brought to Germany for breeding purpose, but because of a missing teeth, she is disapproved. Her owner Claudia, Grandy, trains her then as a blind guard dog.

Now a days the White (Swiss) Shepherds have returned to the training's centers and there are already dozens of dogs successfully certificated.

Help dogs :

Help dogs, are dogs that are trained to help physically disabled's persons, so they can functioning independent in the society. These dogs offers the people help to dress and un-dress themselves, open doors, help shopping and do a lot of other operations to help their disabled boss. Also there are special "signal" dogs to help auditive disabled's.

More famous dogs :

Hoofprint Quasar (1988) is the prove that the White Shepherd successfully can function as an help dog. Trained in the SpecialSkillServiceDogCenter, he helps his boss Peter Zein, even he can push Peter´s wheelchair when Peter has become to tired to do it himself. Peter says that Quasar has been the extension of his arms and legs, and that he not only has made his life more easily but also much more significantly.

Hoofprint A Ok Ouvae is the signal dog from the owner Vincent Valanzuolo, even as Hoofprint Wyatt (1998). Day´s Suzy Hears All (Debbie Martin) is signal dog for Linda, a mother of three young children. Suzie has saved Linda´s life more then once and without Suzie should serious accidents (for instance like fire) the life's of this family have endangered several times.

Service dogs :

The opinions concerning the work capacities of the white shepherd as a police force dog are very diverge. Many people think that the White Shepherd is not suitable for this work, because he should be to kind of nature. But this is not truth. Of course a pup from a litter has to be tested on capability and aptitude for this work. And of course not every White Shepherd will be suitable for this job. The White Swiss Shepherd is no violent dog, but extremely reliable and at all times usable, once he has been trained. Here too its guarding instinct and is large will to please, its work desire and its athletic structure turns him in a good police force dog, narcotics dog or customs authorities dog.


Prince 1971-1983

Breeder :  J. Chaney

K-9 (police force) used the White Shepherd many years as a police dog. Also for the border control between Canada and America regularly, and successfully, white shepherds are used. The most famous police dog is with no doubt "Prince" (1971-1983). He is a LondonOntario police dog and he has been working very intensive for 11 years. On his name he has more than 200 arrests and he stand to work until its dead on eleven-year-old age.

Hoofprint Harley Milizzo (1995) is the trained and certificated drugs dog from Sly Acosta of the Buffalo Police Departement.

Niko Beltrano searches planes and other places on illegal transport and/or persons.

In Australia there are June (1963) and Rip (1974). Both dogs have been the dogs from Mr. Gatsby and serve in the years 1960 and 1970 as guard dogs in the RAAF (army and air force).

In Holland the White Swiss Shepherd is nearly not used or trained for this work. In Germany, France and other European countries it is very usual to train the White Shepherds as a "Schutzhund".

Source : Mrs. W.R. Tilstra Holland - Text written and copyright@ by : Mrs. W.R. Tilstra  Holland.


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