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We have new telephone numbers

0034 693727908


0034 693723096

Our Conan

(Conquistador Das Dunas Brancas)

Many thanks to Alexandra Morrison 

White Swiss Shepherd puppies available for more information see below


We have some wonderful strong and totally healthy White Swiss Shepherd puppies available.
They are ready to go to their new "for ever" homes in the U.K or other countries abroad
from the 14th. of May 2019.
Puppies are fully vaccinated and de-wormed, have micro chip and European Passport.
FCI pedigree entered in the Spanish club RSCE.
Both parents free of displasia !

White Swiss Shepherd dogs

Family breeder  E-mail : info@pastor-blanco-suizo.com  Tel.: 0034 - 693727908 / 0034 -  693723096 

Home of the first Spanish Champion at RSCE ( FCI )  Castellon Spain.

Home of the Champion of Gibraltar.

Topbreeder of Ireland 2012.

Specialized in short/medium coat White Swiss Shepherd dogs

We speak English, we spreken Nederlands, wir sprechen Deutch, hablamos Español


Many Congratulations for Sue Renno and Chess de Conquistadores del Azahar (Sam)
He lives in Wales / UK with our best breeder friend Sue.
Sam just has qualified for Crufts ! At 16 months of age and at his first ever dog show !!
We are very proud of them both.

At the left Ella de Conquistadores del Azahar. She loves Agility.

Zvi de Conquistadores del Azahar (King) lives in Portugal with his great owner Luis. King is Champion of Portugal. Congratulations King and Luis !!

Our Ira nearly 13 years young                      

Quinton de Conquistadores del Azahar (Dante) Champion of Colombia and Pan America and Caribean Champion.

X-treme de Conquistadores del Azahar (Phoenix) is trained by his lovely owner Nicole  as a service dog. Phoenix is doing great. He lives in Canada.

On the photo above Athena and Ares. Brother and sister they  live together with their wonderful family in Canada.


Photos left:

This is very handsome Flint de Conquistadores del Azahar !

One of our White Swiss shepherd dog puppies who lives with his loving family in London in England / U.K.

We received some wonderful photos from the owners of Flint to publish on our site.

Thanks !!!

Chaya de Conquistadores del Azahar. Daughter of the lovely Ares Das Dunas Brancas (Brasil) and our Spanish Champion Baila.

         Puppy from Hippy and Christy playing outside in the snow

On this page we inform and show you all our beautiful full breed White Swiss Shepherd dogs. We live with our dogs in the beautiful area of the

Costa Azahar in Spain, just between the province of Valencia and Cataluña. You can always visit us and our dogs or have a look at our White Swiss Shepherd dog puppies.


Our White Swiss Shepherd puppies lives in:

United kingdom - Spain - Germany - Italy - United States of America - United Amirates - Finland -  Brasil  - Israel

Austria - Greece - Gibraltar - Hungary - Romania - Switzerland - Netherlands - Ireland - France - Scotland - Colombia

Portugal - Canada - Norway

29-07-2013 Marta and Mercedes de Conquistadores del Azahar on their way to Finland.


Español - English - Deutch - Nederlands.

TEL: + 34- 693727908  / + 34 - 693723096

E-mail : info@pastor-blanco-suizo.com

Pastor Blanco Suizo - Berger Blanc Suisse - White Swiss Shepherd Dog - Weisse Schweizer Schäferhund -

Zwitserse Witte Herder - Pastor Branco Suico - Pastori Svizerri Bianci - Valkoinen paimenkoira -

Bileho Ovcaka - Biely Svajciarsky Ovciak - Hvid Hyrdehund - Biały Owczarek - Hvit Gjeterhund

Pastor Aleman Blanco - White German Shepherd - ביתגידול לרועה שוויצרילבן הממוקםבספרדושייךלזוגיהודיםמקסימים



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