White Swiss Shepherd dog breeder in Spain

Our puppies will be sold with:

*Age related vaccinations

*Puppies will be dewormd

*Microchip on your name

*Kennel Club registration (RSCE) (FCI)

*Several health checks by our veterinary

*Treated external parasites

*Puppies can go to new families with the age of 8 weeks (Spain) UK 15 weeks

*Our puppies are born in our house and grow up in our livingroom with the mother

*You can always visit our home and see the puppies and our adult dogs

Our Puppy room

Are you really ready to buy a puppy?

    Have you done your homework, such as reading about housebreaking, training, behavioral problems, and daily care of a dog? And

    Will your working hours allow enough time to provide the care and exercise a dog needs every day?

    If you have children, will you have time to provide the daily care and exercise a dog needs every day?

    Will you have enough money to cover food, toys, annual vet exams, vaccinations, monthly  flea and thicks control, unexpected medical costs,  training, and boarding the pet when you travel?

    Are you ready to live with a pet? Can you depend on your children not to pester a dog and let a dog out the door? Will you be able to watch the dog at all times when children visit your home?

     Do you have time for obedience training and teaching house manners as necessary to help the dog become a good companion?

    Do you travel frequently, and if so, what are your plans for the dog?

    If you move, can you be sure your next place will allow dogs?

    Can you make the commitment to care for this animal for his or her lifetime?

Do NOT feed your puppy or adult dog:

Alcohol, Chocolate and other sweets, Caiffeine, Garlic, Onion, Greenpotato, Potato sprouts, Sugar, Grapes, Cherries, Raisins, Peach/Apricot Pits, Mushrooms, Salt

Check your household plants and plants in your garden

Store  your cleaning supplies in a safe area

This list is not totally complete. If in doubt consult your veterinary or your breeder

If you really are ready to buy  a White Swiss Shepherd dog you can contact us by the form below


White Swiss Shepherd dogs



  Family breeder  - E-mail : info@pastor-blanco-suizo.com  Telephone : 0034 - 693727908 / 0034 - 693723096

Home of the first Spanish Champion at RSCE ( FCI )  Castellon Spain.

Home of the Champion of Gibraltar.

Topbreeder of Ireland 2012



 Specialized in short coat White Swiss Shepherd dogs

We speak English, we spreken Nederlands, wir sprechen Deutch, hablamos Español


Pastor Blanco Suizo - Berger Blanc Suisse - White Swiss Shepherd Dog - Weisse Schweizer Schäferhund -

Zwitserse Witte Herder - Pastor Branco Suico - Pastori Svizerri Bianci - Valkoinen paimenkoira -

Bileho Ovcaka - Biely Svajciarsky Ovciak - Hvid Hyrdehund - Biały Owczarek - Hvit Gjeterhund

Pastor Aleman Blanco - White German Shepherd - ביתגידול לרועה שוויצרילבן הממוקםבספרדושייךלזוגיהודיםמקסימים